Try sport fishing ,one of the most famous water sports activity in Andaman and nicobar. Fishing in the untouched reefs of the Andaman Islands, for long inaccessible and untouched this Island group is the last frontier for true big game sport fishing. Our associates Sea Fishing India Pvt. Ltd., Monster Fishing and Surmai Fishing Club offer sport fishing from Port Blair and Havelock Island with their 23 feet and 30 feet boats with a capacity to carry 3 anglers and 4 anglers at a time for day fishing. The boats are equipped with a pair of 75 HP and 225 hp Yamaha outboard engine to offer a comfortable 20 knots cruise. These boats are suitable for stand-up type fishing and they are equipped with GPS, VHF and Sounder. The best time to dive the Andaman Islands is February and March. Our peak season is from November until Mid April. The second week of May brings in the monsoon season.


The Andaman Island is only a piece of an archipelago of islands that is situated in the Bay of Bengal. The Nicobar Islands likewise structure some portion of this perfect bunch of islands that are found to some degree 150 km north of Aceh, Indonesia and 1760 km west of India. Regardless of it being an Indian region the island is all the more firmly situated to Indonesia and Thailand. The magnificently segregated islands are occupied by the Sentinel’s kin who have little contact with the global network. Port Blair fills in as the archipelago’s capital. As a place of interest, it is a perfect area for the courageous explorer in view of its confined and unfamiliar characteristics.

The Andaman is home to an inviting gathering of individuals in spite of their absence of contact with the international community. A tourist can expect a various culture even on this little island as a few people, for example, the Andamanese, Sentinelese, Onge, Shompens, and Jangel call this archipelago home. While the indigenous individuals are obliging, a traveler should take care when admiring the region as they have faith in ensuring their territory. The enthusiasts who like to explore different places can once visit Andaman and can enjoy the beauty of nature and also the fishing world which is eye-catching in course.

Get attracted towards some species of fishes at Andaman

In the deep clear waters of the Andaman Sea, the game fishing enthusiasts can hope to run over, it is possible that one (or a few) of more than 280 edible species of fish. Likewise, travelers will probably get a look at remarkable rarities, for example, the dolphin or a green turtle. The fish in the zone are rich and lavish and recorded loads run between 20 – 45 kg

Since there are very few game fishers in the zone at some random time, the island offers a calm spot where the game fisher is probably going to have a standout amongst their best yet fishing endeavors. The Andaman Sea is home to species, for example, Wahoo, sailfish, pilot trevally, giant trevally, coral trout, bluefin, and barracuda. The Andaman Sea is slithering with a rich wealth of these, and a lot more fishing species and the game fishing enthusiast are probably going to have a record-breaking undertaking.

How can you scope your travel with Fishing at Andaman?How can you scope your travel with Fishing at Andaman?

Most game fishers travel to the Andaman Island looking for the well known Giant Trevally. To this end, Andaman Aquaholics have consummated their handle and teasing techniques to draw in this species. Our group of specialists prescribes utilizing an interlaced line that is equipped for dealing with between 80 – 100 pounds, even the novice can be guaranteed of tricking in this looked for after prize. These strong lines are utilized notwithstanding rods that offer ideal popping and jigging. The rods themselves ought to be powerful in nature that can withstand any fight between the most difficult and strong fish and its catcher.

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