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Baratang Island Tour

A place to be remembered by every traveling seeker should always focus on the best mesmerizing place which is Baratang Island. Are Looking for such locations where you can feel relaxed at a moment and also decide never to come back? Well, you are at the right place as we have best travel agents who will guide you and arrange your Baratang Island trip without any hassle.

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Baratang Island is determined with the name of Andaman Island which lies in 150 km of Port Blair. This District is much unexplored from the travel industry perspective. This is one of the best pieces of your outing to the Andaman Islands due to its supreme excellence and regular miracles.

In Baratang Island you can view Mud Volcano, mangrove and tropical woods, Limestone Caves, Parrot Island and one pleasant left shoreline at Baludera. Other strange shorelines are additionally available from Baratang. For example, Merk Bay Beach in North Passage Island, Lalaji Bay Beach and so forth. Guests landing from Port Blair likewise get the chance to go through the renowned Jarawa Tribal Reserve.

Baratang Island is an eminent section point for the northern and focal region of Andaman. With its lesser-known goals, a great deal of the peaceful spots that win inside its region has stayed avoided the outside world. In any case, with creating the travel industry, various guests have begun to investigate this dazzling island.

How to reach Baratang Island from Port Blair?

By Air

If you want to start your journey by Air, the nearest airplane terminal to Baratang Island is arranged in Port Blair city, famously known as the Veer Savarkar International Airport. Arranged at a distance of around 104 km from Baratang, this air terminal works visit flights to other metropolitan urban communities, for example, Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, and Chennai. Alongside its local ability, the Veer Savarkar International Airport likewise appreciates great network to outside nations.

Prime residential bearers, for example, Air India and Spice Jet employ their flights through this course. Once at this air terminal, sightseers can board one of the neighborhood or private transports to get to the closest pier, which happens to be Nilambur Jetty. A nearby ship would then be able to enable you to reach Baratang Island.

By Water

In case any visitor loves to travel through the waterway, we do have a suggestion for water seekers. Guests that are heading out to Baratang Island can likewise benefit the alternative of first getting the chance to Port Blair, the closest city, through traveler ships. In spite of the fact that the ride would be long, it offers some grand prospects.

Sightseers driving from Chennai, Visakhapatnam, and Kolkata have the advantage of investigating thusly of substitution. Once at Port Blair, voyagers need to utilize neighborhood transport or cabs to achieve the nearest pier, Nilambur Jetty. From Nilambur Jetty, visitors can board a nearby ship that will take them to Baratang Island. The ship ride is generally shorter than the transport ride, reaching out to around 15 minutes.

By Road

There are a few means of transport handling from Mohanpura Bus Terminus in Port Blair to Baratang Island. There are private AC buses that can likewise enable you to get to the Nilambur Jetty in a lavish way. Likewise, private cabs and taxis can likewise enable you to achieve the island.

The adventure is a long one, covering a length of over an hour to initially reach Jirkatang. Post that, another ride of about an hour’s span can enable you to reach Nilambur Jetty. From this breakwater, sightseers can step onto a ship ride to reach Baratang Island, with eye-getting vistas on offer amid the ride.

Which is the best month to visit Baratang Island?

The best time to visit Baratang Island is the month of December. Pack your bags and run to book best packages provided by us. Don’t get too late as the rates of the bookings get higher than your expectation. December month is expected as the light weathered scene. There is equal amount of summer and winter effect. 

Therefore, it is recommended do not carry many woolen clothes while traveling because the weather can anytime change its phase of the season.

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